DECEMBER 17, 2020: Thank you, friends, for checking in, and Happy Holidays to all of you. I finally have some good news to report: This very trying ordeal absolutely will come to an end on or before March 2. Every effort is being made to get it all settled before then. Stay tuned and keep watching this space for updates.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to every single person who has helped out, sent an email, posted on Facebook or just kept a good thought. Please keep doing that last one. It is all that has gotten me through to this point. Extra thanks to the folks at GoFundMe. They have indicated that my fundraiser was among the most effective they saw in 2020, and that's 100% because of you. I considered restarting it as there are still more legal fees to pay, but this has been a terrible year for most and I just couldn't see it when so many are suffering and need every nickel to survive.

For a video showing me giving a tour of my now-dismantled studio and work area, click here, and for a video of me jamming with my grandson Kelton, click here. The guitar you see us playing was a special gift and one of the many items I'm trying to get back.

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